Remove Aura Search Mac virus in Chrome, Safari, Firefox (Solved)

You’re trying to browse something important on your Mac, and it always takes you to the Aura search tab. Not cool at all!

The situation gets scary when you face this issue on all your browsers, including Chrome, Safari, & Firefox! Although MacOS is known for top-class security, the Aura Search virus somehow manages to sneak into your device. But you never signed up for this, right?

Let’s get into the Aura search Mac virus in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, and sweep your computer like it’s never been affected.

What is Aura Search & What Does It Do to Your Mac?

Aura Search is an adware-type malware that often attacks Mac devices. It is also known as a browser hijacker, as it changes browsing settings without your consent.

Don’t get scared already!

This unwanted guest doesn’t harm or steal your data like trojan horses or ransomware do. But also don’t take it lightly as Aura Search can turn your browsing experience into hell! It can crash your Mac party with various undesirable activities and will not even ask for your permission. The virus will also display various ads and can track your browsing data and invade your privacy!

Luckily, you can easily get rid of the malicious Aura Search with some simple steps.

How to Remove Aura Search Mac Virus from the System?

You’re just a few steps away from removing the Aura Search virus from your browsers. Bad news is, this virus gets into the core of your operating system! So your first action should be taking back control of your Mac from the virus. We’ll get it out of your Mac’s system, and then we’ll get to cleaning the browsers.

Here are the steps to remove the Aura search virus from your Operating system:

Step 1: Remove Aura Search Profile

Aura Search creates a profile in the Mac system to prevent you from removing the virus.

Hence, in the first step, go to system preferences from the Apple menu. Then, search for profiles.

go to system preferences

Click on the Profile icon and check if there is any suspicious profile created in the name of Aura search.

check if there is any suspicious profile created

If yes, then select it and click on the minus icon in the bottom left corner.

Great! You have completed the first major part. Now, let’s move on to removing the Aura search from everywhere else on your Mac.

Step 2: Remove malicious applications

Aura Search installs loads of applications on your laptop without your consent. In this step, we will be removing all those unwanted apps.

Go to Finder from the Dock of your Mac. You will find the Application menu on the left pane. Click on it to check the list of apps installed on your Mac.

Go to Finder and select Application

Scroll through all the apps and remove any app you see that you did not install but exist. Some common apps Aura Search installs are MplayerX, NicePlayer, etc.

Select the app you want to remove and right-click on it. Select Move to Trash.

Select the app you want to remove

After moving all the apps to trash, select the Trash icon on the Dock and right-click on it. Click on Empty Trash to delete the malicious apps permanently.

Step 3: Delete suspicious folders

Besides installing the apps, Aura Search can create numerous folders in the system. Luckily, we found an easy way to delete them forever!

Come back to the desktop and click on the Finder icon. Select GO from the top bar and click on Go to Folder.

On the Finder icon Select GO and click on Go to Folder

A go to the folder bar will appear. Type “/Library/LaunchAgents/” on the bar and press on Go.

Type Library LaunchAgents on the bar

In the Launchagents folder, look for the latest suspicious folders. Aura search creates folders such as “installmac.AppRemoval.plist”,“com.AuraSearch.plist”, “mykotlerino.ltvbit.plist”, and more.

look for the latest suspicious folders

They often have the same string, which makes them easier to identify. Select all the unwanted folders and move them to the trash. Then empty the trash.

Then again, return to go to the folder bar and type the following commands one by one:

  • ~/Library/LaunchAgents/
  • ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/
  • /Library/ApplicationSupport/
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/

Go to each of the folders one after another and follow the same process to delete the malicious folders permanently.

That’s a relief, as we removed the Aura Search from the Mac system on your laptop. The majority of the work is already done.

What now remains is kicking off the last bit of the Aura search virus from your browsers.

3 Steps to Remove Aura Search Mac Virus in Chrome

First, let’s walk you through the process of removing the Aura Search virus from your Chrome browser:

Step 1: Go to settings

First, open the Chrome browser and click on the three-dot icon in the top left corner. It will open a dropdown menu. Click on Settings from the menu. It will open a new settings tab.

on chrome browser Go to settings

Step 2: Select reset settings

Now, look at the options on the left pane. Click on the Reset Settings from here.

Select reset settings

Note: On older Chrome browsers, you may not find the reset setting option directly. You will need to click on the Advanced option from the tab to get the Reset Settings option.

Step 3: Reset the settings to remove Aura Search

Finally, click on the Restore settings to their original defaults option from this page. Chrome will ask you for confirmation.

Select  Reset Settings to confirm the action. It will remove Aura search and all other extensions, cookies, and temporary site data.

Reset the settings to remove Aura Search

But you do not have to worry about the bookmarks. They are saved in your Google accounts. Hence, you will not lose the bookmarks.

Steps to Remove Aura Search Mac Virus in Safari

Now, let’s remove the Aura Search Mac virus from your Safari browser:

Step 1: Go to preferences

Open the Safari browser and click on Safari from the top menu bar. Then click on Preferences from the dropdown menu.

Go to preferences on safari

It will open a general tab on your screen.

Step 2: Fix the homepage address

Find the Homepage option from the General tab in preferences. Aura Search often changes the homepage address to its advertisers.

Fix the homepage address

Check the address, and if it is unusual, then replace it with an address that you want to use as your startup page.

Step 3: Uninstall extensions

After fixing the homepage address, click on Extensions from the top menu. When the Extension tab opens, scroll and look for the Aura Search extension.

Uninstall extensions

Select the extension and click on uninstall. It will remove the Aura Search from Safari on your Mac.

Remove Aura Search Mac Virus in Firefox

Lastly, let me show how you can remove the Aura Search hijacker virus from Mozilla Firefox on Mac:

Step 1: Go to Help from the menu

Open the Firefox browser and click on the three horizontal line icons in the top right corner. A drop-down menu will appear.

Go to Help from the menu

Select Help from the menu to open a second menu.

Step 2: Select troubleshooting information

Now, click on Troubleshooting Information from the help menu.

Select troubleshooting information

If your browser does not have the help menu, type “ about:support” in the address bar to get the Troubleshooting information page.

Step 3: Refresh Firefox

The troubleshooting information page displays some basic information about the browser. There you will find the option “Refresh Firefox”.

Refresh Firefox

Click on Refresh Firefox and then confirm the action to reset all the settings of the browser. Then click on finish, and now your Firefox is free of the Aura Search Mac virus.

Bonus Step: Run a Virus Scan with an Antivirus Software

All the work is done, and now your Mac system is out of danger.  None of the browsers includes any malicious files or settings from Aura Search. Doing it manually is the best way as you ensure deleting the virus from everywhere. But if you are looking for an easier way, you can also try a premium virus scanner.

The virus scanners will diagnose your whole Mac system and remove all the viruses, including the Aura Search. You also can run the scan after doing all the manual work to ensure there is nothing left of the Aura search on your Mac.

Some of the popular Aura Search remover antivirus are Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner, and Combocleaner. The following video shows how to remove Aura Search from Mac using the Combo Cleaner antivirus: (AuraTab & Aura Search) hijacker removal.

How Did Aura Search Get Installed on Your Mac?

All this time, have you wondered how the Aura Search got installed on your Mac in the first place? Aura Search generally gets installed in Mac systems via a fake Flash player installer. Plus, the bundled software installation package also often comes with an unwanted guest named “Aura Search.”

That is why I always recommend that people around me install software only from the app’s official website. If you download apps from untrustworthy sites, there is a high chance they will be loaded with viruses.

How to Stay Safe Online from Aura Search In the Future?

It’s a big relief to finally get rid of the Aura Search Mac virus! But wait! Can it attack your Mac again?

No! Absolutely not only if you follow the tips below to stay safe online from Aura Search:

  • Avoid installing apps from third-party sites
  • Keep the software and apps always up to date
  • Always download files from trustworthy sources
  • Try using an ad blocker in your browser to avoid malicious ads
  • Never open attachments from unknown emails
  • Use premium antivirus to ensure your Mac system is always on guard

These were some simple tips, but they can be useful if you stick to them.

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What is the Aura Search tab?

Aura Search Tab is a malicious browser hijacker that automatically redirects you to the Aura search engine. It can attack your browser and also can get into the operating system.

Why is my browser redirected to AuraSearch?

If your browser is automatically redirecting to Aurasearch, that means the virus has already spread to the browser. Usually, resetting the browser fixes the problem.

Can I ignore Aura Search and continue browsing?

Theoretically, yes, you can. But it is not safe to continue browsing, ignoring the Aura search virus.

It tries to take control of everything on your laptop, putting your data in danger. Besides, it’ll eat up all your resources and make your Mac slow. Hence, you should take steps to remove the virus ASAP.

Final Advice

Remember, if you try removing the Aura Search Mac virus from your browser, it may not work. That is because the virus has spread into the operating system. Follow the sequence as discussed above. Start by removing Aura Search from your Mac system and then from Chrome, Safari, & Firefox.

This way, you can successfully get rid of the Aura Search Mac virus permanently from your computer.

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