Macbook Screen Replacement Cost: Get All the Details

MacBooks have high-quality retina displays that are crisp and smooth. However, like any other screens, they can break, especially if you put extra pressure on them. So, you might be wondering how much you need to spend to replace the macbook screen.

Macbook screen replacement costs are a tad higher than other laptops. So, on average you can expect to pay anywhere between $200 to $900 depending on the model of your macbook, the screen type and the location.

The above cost is just an estimation and there are a few other things you need to understand before getting a proper idea of screen replacement cost.

Different Types of MacBook Screens

There are a few different types of display Macbook comes with, the price of the macbook also varies depending on the display type. Lets see the most common types-

Different Types of MacBook Screens

Retina Display

Almost all of the latest macbook comes with Retina display; this is Apple’s signature display design for macs. They have a pixel density so high that it is challenging to identify individual pixels at a usual viewing distance. Additionally, it comes with brilliant colors and superb contrast.

Now you have to understand that Apple uses a combination of different panels like IPS, LCD, OLED to make their retina displays work. Retina is more like a trademark name used by Apple for their screens.

Liquid Retina Display (LDR)

By combining Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology, a Liquid Retina Display improves on the conventional Retina Display. Within the Liquid Retina Display’s pixel framework, there are about 10,000 LEDs in total.

This creative integration combines haptic feedback and contrast features of traditional Retina Displays to achieve a high pixel density measured in pixels per inch (PPI)

Super Retina XDR

Just like liquid retina, you will also find some macbook models with Super Retina XDR screen. Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology is used in Super Retina XDR screens.

This is intended to offer improvements over conventional OLED panels to deliver an amazing viewing experience. It is an OLED display with an extremely high density and an expanded dynamic range. This implies that pixels with extremely high contrast ratios are sent to the retina.

Mini LED

Apple also introduced Mini LED screens in some of their macbook models which came out for the first time in 2021. Thousands of tiny LEDs, each considerably smaller than those used in ordinary TVs or LCD displays, are hidden under the screen of a mini LED display.

This enables more accurate backlighting and targeted intensity and dimming control, which improves contrast ratios and HDR.

Factors Affecting Macbook Screen Replacement Cost

The exact screen replacement cost of your Macbook can vary depending on many different factors. So, it is crucial to have a proper idea about these factors before going for replacement.

Macbook Model

Latest models of Macbook like the 2023 M2 screen replacement will cost more than the older 2017 model. This is mostly due to the fact that newer models use the latest technology with higher resolution screens which will increase the cost.

Macbook Model

Additionally, in newer models of mac you cannot separate the screen from the upper part and you will need to replace the whole upper part with the screen. This also puts an impact on the overall replacement cost.

Type of screen

Another key contributing factor to the cost is the type of screen your macbook has. For instance if your macbook comes with a super retina XDR display then the cost will be more than regular liquid retina display. Additionally, features like True Tone, ProRaw motion can also impact the cost.

Where You Buy the Screen From?

Macbook displays are available in a few different criterias; original and new from Apple store, third party suppliers, used or refurbished ones.

  • Original and new directly from Apple

Choosing a brand-new, genuine Apple screen guarantees compatibility and a smooth user experience. Here you do not have to worry about the quality and you can rest assured you will get the best available quality However, in this instance, the cost will be quite high.

  • Third party screens

You can also find screens from different shops in the market or online for a lesser price than Apple. But, these screens can sometimes have compatibility or quality issues.

  • Refurbished or used screen

Moreover, you can also go for a used or refurbished screen which will cost much less. But, do keep in mind the quality will not be the same as the new one. So, you need to be very careful and you must have a proper idea of making a distinction between original and fake ones.


Availability is another key issue in pricing when it comes to screen replacement of your macbook. While screens for previous Retina models may be more widely accessible and reasonably priced.

But, newer technologies like Super Retina XDR may only be offered in a limited number of locations and this can hike up the price.


Location also plays a crucial role in the repair cost of your macbook. The replacement screen cost can vary between locations. For instance, the retina display might be available in the USA for $350 but for the same display you might need to pay more in countries like India.

Average Cost of Macbook Screen Replacement

Depending on the model of your macbook and type of screen it uses, the cost will vary heavily. Our table will summarize the replacement cost of some of the most sold Macbook models.

Macbook ModelScreen Replacement Cost
2023 Macbook Pro 13 inch$330-$549
2023 Macbook Pro 14 inch$430-$800
2023 Macbook Pro 16 inch$520-$900
2023 Macbook Air$330-$400
Macbook Pro 16 inch (2019 -2021)$300-$749  
2021 Macbook Pro 13 inch$549
Macbook Air 13 inch (2020-2021)$200-$600
2017 Macbook Air 13 inch$200-$350

Regardless of your macbook models, you have few different options and the overall cost varies between the options.

Apple Customer Care

The first and most preferable option is Apple customer care; when it comes to repair services by Apple you can stay assured about the quality.

Genuine Apple components and highly skilled technicians are guaranteed through authorized service providers and Apple Stores.

Apple Customer Care

Additionally, you will also receive a warranty for their services. But, you will need to pay a premium price for this service.

For newer models like Macbook pro from 2019-2023, you can expect to pay between $330-$900. On the other hand, the replacement cost for Macbook Air is a bit lower, around $330-$400. The cost will be much lower for older models like 2015-2017.

The newer models come with liquid retina or super retina XDR screens which lead to this higher replacement cost.

Third Party Repair

Third party repair is more cost effective than Apple services but the quality can vary depending on where you get the service from.

apple macbook third party repair

They employ high-quality third-party panels that operate similarly to Apple’s original displays in some circumstances and provide reasonable prices for screen replacements.

When you get the repair done from any third party shops, you can expect to pay less. For instance, for the latest Macbook pro models the cost can be between $300-$800 which will save you a couple of hundred bucks.

But, do keep in mind not all third party services are worth it so you need to be extra careful while choosing the shops.


DIY is the cheapest option for screen replacement among all other choices but it also comes with risks. You will require expert tools for the job since improper handling or installation might cause further harm or void warranties.

With DIY repair the only cost is sourcing the screen and there are no other costs. So if you wish to do it yourself, make sure you have the correct tools and skills for the job.

How Does Apple Warranty Cover Screen Replacement Cost?

Your Mac and any Apple-branded accessories it comes with are covered by the Apple Limited Warranty for one year after the date of purchase against manufacturing flaws.

How Does Apple Warranty Cover Screen Replacement Cost

However, when a user accidentally damages a screen, the warranty will not cover the cost of a replacement screen.

As opposed to this, the situation changes if you choose AppleCare+ for Mac. With AppleCare+, your coverage begins on the day of purchase and is extended for an additional year.

It also offers beneficial protection against unintentional damage in an unlimited amount of instances.

Although AppleCare+ does not provide free screen replacements, you will benefit from just having to spend $99 for the repair, making it an affordable choice in situations of unintentional damage.

What Are the Risks Involved in Replacing a MacBook Screen?

As with screen replacement of all laptops, not just Macbook there comes many risks. So, you must be very careful as a little mistake can lead to severe damage.

Voided warranty

If your macbook falls under warranty, the best option is to get the replacement done by Apple themselves. Doing it yourself or through third party repair shops can void the warranty.

Broken connection

The Macbook display is connected with very thin strips with the logic board, if you are not careful while disconnecting the screen you can end up breaking these connections.

Interception of dust and debris

During a screen replacement, dust and other particles can easily enter the MacBook, which might have a negative impact on how well and how long the device lasts.

Issues with calibration

Without the proper tools and knowledge, calibrating the new screen for color accuracy, brightness, and True Tone capabilities can be difficult. Colors may appear improperly on a screen that has been poorly calibrated.

Damage the casing

Opening the macbook requires professional tools, if you don’t have access to these tools, you can end up damaging the casing while trying to open it.

Where to Get Professional MacBook Screen Replacement Services?

As we have mentioned before, you have a few different options to choose from to replace the screen of your macbook. Here we will list down a few of the most renowned repair shops for macbooks.

Apple Service Center

Apple service centers are the professional service center that takes care of all repair jobs for Apple products. Across the country you will find many service centers and all of them use the same products and provide the same services.

Authorized Apple Service Center

These shops are some of the most popular Authorized Apple service centers where you can get your macbook screen replaced.

Best Buy Northridge19350 Nordhoff St Unit B
Apple Topanga6600 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Canoga Park
Mike’s Tech Shop120 W 20th St, Ground Fl New York
Mobile Kangaroo – Houston7707 Fannin St – Suite 105, Houston
Micro Center-1555305 S Rice Ave, Houston

These are independent repair services, however they vary from other third party shops in that Apple has given them permission to handle both warranty and non-warranty work on Apple equipment.

The replacement components will be the same as those offered by the Apple repair facility. You can also use this site to find authorized Apple repair shops near you.

Third Party Shops

If you decide to go for third party shops, then these are a few of the most popular and renowned ones for their price and good quality service.

uBreakiFix160 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002, United States
The Mac Support Store168 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United
Micro Center1100 Edinger Ave, Tustin, CA 92780, United States
MacHorizon1330 N Highland Ave B, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States
Computer City Repairs1433 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, United States

There are several trustworthy third party repair shops that focus on fixing Apple products, including replacing MacBook screens.

If you go for well renowned shops, you can stay assured of receiving high quality parts.

Tips for Saving Money on Macbook Screen Replacement

Screen replacement can be quite expensive but following these tips can help you cut down the cost a bit.

  • If you have proper skills and tools and your macbook is out of warranty then you can go for the DIY method.
  • Try to get AppleCare+ as this will save a lot of money on repairs like screen replacement.
  • Try to research around different shops for the replacement cost, then choose the one that best suits you.
  • You can find refurbished or used screens of good quality at very cheap prices.

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By now you should already have an idea about the replacement cost for the macbook screen. But, if you still have some questions related to it our FAQs below will help you find the answers to those.

Is it worth replacing the macbook screen?

It depends on your budget and requirements, now if your macbook is very old then the replacement cost will sometimes surpass the new price of that particular model. So, in this case it is not worth replacing the screen. However, if the model is particularly new then replacing the screen is worth it as the screen cost is much less than the new price of the macbook.

Is it possible to repair my macbook screen for free?

All macbooks come with Apple limited warranty but this warranty doesn’t cover accidental screen damage. So, you can’t get it repaired for free, however if you purchased the AppleCare+ plan before the damage then you can get the screen repaired for only $99 which is really less than the regular replacement cost.

Can I sell my broken Macbook?

Yes you can sell your broken macbook and there are many companies that deal with broken macbooks. It doesn’t matter if your macbook has a broken screen, damaged battery or any other issues you will get some price on it. The price will depend on the working parts on your macbook.

Final Words

Macbook screen replacement is always expensive especially for newer models so it is always important to use the macbook safely and prevent accidental falls and damages on it.

But, if the screen is damaged you shouldn’t rush to your nearest shop; get quotes from a few different shops then look for some customer reviews and make the final decision.

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