Mac Charger Turning Yellow- How To Fix?

If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, you know how good and reliable Apple’s products are. From its iPhone to Macbook, the performance is solid. Sadly, this device’s charger & cable gets yellowish over time. But why is that?

MacBook charging gets yellow due to physical contact, excessive heat during charging, or frequent exposure to UV rays. Overheat makes the cable’s outer jacket hard and yellowish. To prevent that, keep the cable out of sunlight and clean it.

Apart from these, you must know some factors behind this discolored Mac charger & cable. So, if you want to know those and how to prevent it, stick to the end. Let’s begin!

Why Did The Macbook Charger Color Turn Yellow?

The Macbook charging cable gets yellow after using it for around one year. If you own one, you already have noticed it. Moreover, the cable’s outer jacket is rubber-finished and contains no PVC. It’s porous.

mac charger turning yellow

The cable absorbs dust, oil, dirt on hands, and sweat sticking to fingers. So, you might have noticed that where you grab the cable most, that portion turns yellow soon.

However, besides this, other reasons made that cable yellow. Let’s explore those reasons one by one.

Excessive Heat During Charging

Overheating is one of the leading causes primarily responsible for turning both ends of the cable yellow and damaging the cable. As you know, the cable top jacket is rubber-coated and made from porous.

So, when you’re charging the MacBook, the wire underneath the top cable jacket gets hot. But that’s not a matter of concern. However, the cable cover gets affected and swells when it gets excessively hot.

And in the long run, both ends of the cable get yellow and lose temper. Within a few months, the rubber protection breaks off.

Frequently Exposed to Sunlight

The rubber protection in the Macbook charging cable has no color stabilizers or UV protection. So, when the cable gets exposed to sunlight frequently, it becomes yellow or degrades slowly.

The MacBook charging cable and most white, light color, and clear coated cables degrade faster due to UV rays. So, if you expose the Mac charger and cable to sunlight most of the time, the entire cable will turn yellow faster than expected.

Speaking of the MacBook charging adapter, it’s made from ABS(Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), a type of thermoplastic. So, this adapter gets yellow due to oxidation and UV rays from direct sunlight.

Plus, heat generated while charging also makes its color yellowish.

Dirt from Your Hand

The charging cable absorbs all types of dirt from your hand and surroundings. That rubber-type upper protection becomes yellow over time due to dirt.

Suppose you wiped your sweat and grabbed the charger to juice the Mac’s battery. That sweat will stick to the cable, and the rubber protective jacket will get dirty.

So, that process continues countless times, and the cable turns yellow due to a chemical reaction. That’s why you end up with a yellowish cable.

If you look closely, you’ll find that the yellow color mainly occurred in both ends of the cable where you usually hold.

Yellowish MacBook Charger & Cable- Can You Still Use It?

MacBook charger will turn yellow after long usage or frequent exposure to the sun. But, if the cable has a major fault, you mustn’t use it. Conversely, you can still use that if that color changes for longer usage.

So, find out if there is any swell in the yellowish area of the chagrin cable. In that case, the inner part of the cable might have burnt or damaged badly. So, it’s recommended not to use that damaged cable.

It might cause you an electric shock or damage your Macbook pretty hard.

The fact is, not only the MacBook charging cable but almost all the white charging cable gets yellow after a certain period. So, if that color changes happens to the entire cable and no swell at all, it’s safe to use.

Plus, the degraded protective jacket gets hard and peels off slowly. The stripped inner wire might give you an electric shock. So, take your charger and cable to nearby Apple Care if it turns yellow.

Lastly, examine the cable thoroughly and keep in mind the above factors. But changing the charging cable after one year of usage will be wise.

How to Keep Your MacBook(Pro/Air) Charger and Cable from Turning Yellow?

You can do a few things to keep your Mac charger from turning yellow or slow aging. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a MagSafe charger or the Type-C charging cable because it will get yellow and degrade over time.

However, you can slow down the process. Here are the methods to prevent the MacBook(Pro/Air) charger from turning yellow quickly.

Avoid Touching the Charger with Oily or Dirty Hands

As you know, the rubber protective jacket absorbs sweat, dirt, oil, etc from your surroundings, especially your hand. So, holding the cable with a dirty hand will surely make it yellow.

Plus, avoid using the cable mainly when outdoors. Your hands will be unclean, and the cable will get dirty. But there is one thing you can do if you can’t avoid using the charger outdoors.

Don’t hold the cable jacket; just hold the hard plastic part adjacent to the connector part. It’ll work for sure. You can also go for a cable protector.

Don’t Put the Charger Directly to Sunlight

The charger adapter is ABS plastic made that will get yellow due to heat and UV rays. Also, the charging cable protective jacket is porous, not PVC-made. So, you shouldn’t keep your Mac charger and cable in such a place where sunlight hits directly.

If you see the entire cable or some significant parts of the cable get yellow, keep that away from sunlight. Use it under shade or buy a cable protector to protect it from external elements.

Avoid Wrapping the Cable Around the Charger

Don’t wrap the cable around the charging adapter; it will make things worse. The adapter gets hot during charging, and if the cable gets tied to it, it will be exposed to heat.

If you continue, heat will make that cable jacket harder and turn it yellow. So, keep the cable away from the charger, and You can use a cable tie to tie up the cable so that it doesn’t touch the adapter.

Don’t Charge the Mac in a Hot Environment

If your room temperature is too high, avoid charging the Mac there. Always try to charge your Mac at a cool temperature.

How To Clean A Discolored Mac Charger To Bring Back The White Color?

If you have a dirty and yellowish Mac charging cable, you can quickly clean it. The oil, dirt, and sweat from your hand make the cable’s protective jacket sticky and dirty. And in the long run, the cable gets yellow and degraded.

But there is a simple technique to bring back the white color and make it look like the out-of-the-box condition. Follow the below step-by-step procedure.

  • Take a bowl of water with a little amount of dish soap water in it and mix it well.
  • Dip a sponge into the bowl of the dishwasher mixer. You can use gloves if you don’t want to wet your hands.
  • Squeeze so that it’s not too wet.
  • Hold a small section of the cable near the charger by hand, and use the sponge to clean it.
  • Do it slowly, and don’t clamp and pull the cable too hard with a sponge while holding the charger.
  • Drag the sponge firmly through the entire cable. It’s like holding the cable with the sponge.
  • Use a soft brush to remove strong stains that won’t come off easily.
  • Take a microfiber and wet a little portion with the dishwasher mixer. Make sure it’s not too wet, just a little.
  • Wipe the charging adapter with the towel.
  • Wipe the charging adapter and the entire cable with the dry part of the towel. It’ll remove moisture or dirt on the cable.

Note: Before plugging the charger into the wall socket and the connector into the Mac, ensure those were appropriately dried.

Pro Tip: You can also use alcohol swabs to clean the entire cable and charging adapter.

If you’re wondering whether you can interchange your MacBook charger with your iPhone, delve into our article on “Can I Use a MacBook Charger for iPhone” to discover the compatibility and safety considerations.


Now it’s clear why the MacBook charger turned yellow and how to prevent that. Still, there are a few factors that you must know. To know that, follow the question and answer below.

Can I charge my MacBook with a different charger?

You can charge your MacBook with a different charger if it matches the same specs as the official charger. But using the official charging adapter to avoid damage will be best.

Will it damage the MacBook if I use a higher-wattage adapter?

The fact is, using a higher-wattage charging adapter won’t damage your MacBook. The charging protection in the MacBook won’t let anything bad happen to the device. It will draw the amount of power it needs from a higher-wattage charger.

What is a MagSafe charger?

MagSafe chargers for MacBook come with a 60-watt power adapter. It contains a magnetic DC connector that helps to plug and unplug the charging connector quickly and securely.

Wrapping Up

The yellowish charger & cable looks dirty and unsafe to use. If you’re using one, and both cable parts get yellow, smell it. You must change the cable quickly in case you get a burning smell.

However, you can take it to the nearby Apple Service Center to claim a warranty. But if the charger and yellow part of the cable isn’t too hot, don’t worry. That’s only dirt or oily strains. Keep safe, and be careful.

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