Is MyFlixer service Safe and legitimate To Watch on Mac?

As it’s getting easier, you want to watch popular movies and TV shows. Online streaming services such as have gained popularity, especially during lockdowns.

With more choices for streaming at home, there’s a problem. As the need for content grows, hackers use it to deceive people. MyFlixer is a clear example of such a website. MyFlixer says it has lots of movies, but the problem is, that most of them are illegal. And it’s not just about the unauthorized content; the website can actually be harmful.

Websites like MyFlixer can also put your security and devices at risk. I’m sure, you probably have some questions spinning in your mind. Fear not! In this article I’ll answer all your queries, like what MyFlixer is and whether it’s safe for Macs, and how to get rid of it.

Keep on reading to find out the answers!

MyFlixer: What Is It?

MyFlixer is like a website where you can watch movies and TV shows, even download them for later. Sounds cool, right? Well, not so fast. Unlike legit streaming sites, MyFlixer mostly shares stuff it shouldn’t. It’s like watching a movie at a friend’s place, but your friend didn’t buy it – they borrowed it without asking.

Besides maybe breaking some copyright rules in your country, using MyFlixer might not be great for your computer. They say you can download things to watch offline, as Netflix does, but a lot of what’s on MyFlixer is there without permission.

That means they’re playing movies and shows without the okay from the authors who made them. Depending on where you live, just watching might be a no-no too.

Quick note: MyFlixer is blocked in many countries, so it has different sites to get around that, like or But the advice here covers all of them. Stay safe!

Is MyFlixer service Safe and legitimate To Watch on Mac?

If a website is into sketchy downloads, it’s not a good sign. MyFlixer says it’s virus-free, but who knows? Plus, their ads can mess up your Mac. MyFlixer and its ads can be troublesome for several reasons:

  • Pop-ups may bug you for push notifications, bringing in loads of iffy ads.
  • Some MyFlixer sites offer an Android app through a sketchy .apk file. Not a good idea.
  • Watch out for fake virus alerts – they might trick you into downloading fake security stuff.
  • You could end up with other malware, like viruses or ransomware.
  • MyFlixer might sneak in browser hijackers, like the Bing redirect virus.

Your personal info isn’t safe either – MyFlixer could be swiping your email or passwords. So, trusting MyFlixer? Not a great plan. It’s like a welcome mat for hackers and data thieves.

How Did MyFlixer Get Into My Mac?

MyFlixer gets into your Mac by tricking you. When you check out their website, they pop the question: “Hey, want some notifications for our new content?” Seems harmless, right? But even if you play hard to get and say “no,” they just won’t take the hint. They keep bugging you until you cave in and say “yes.”

And bam! That’s their moment to shine – the MyFlixer virus kicks in. Suddenly, your browser becomes a battlefield of annoying notifications and ads, dragging you into sketchy websites. If you accidentally hit “Allow” on their notification request, you’re basically giving the green light to the MyFlixer virus for intrusive ads.

To kick it out, turn off the notification options for MyFlixer and sweep away any shady extensions from your browser.

How to get rid of the MyFlixer virus?

Okay, so here’s the deal with MyFlixer – it’s not your typical virus; it’s more like sneaky malware/riskware. It can mess with your Mac by slipping in browser extensions. And trust me, that can lead to a bunch of annoying stuff like ads that won’t quit. The good news is, kicking MyFlixer out of your Mac isn’t rocket science – just a bit time-consuming.

You’ll probably find it in your default browser, but it’s wise to check all your browsers, one by one. Yeah, it’s a bit of a process, but follow the steps below, and you’ll be good.

Step 1: Remove Unwanted Or Suspicious Extensions

Since, MyFlixer can hide underneath browser extensions, so you should begin by removing suspicious or unwanted extensions from your Mac. Okay, let’s check out how to kick these extensions out of your browser. (FYI: the extensions you see here are just for show, they are not linked to MyFlixer.)


Let’s talk about getting rid of a malicious Safari extension! First of all, go to the Safari menu, and click on “Settings.”

go to safari Settings

Once there, find the “Extensions” tab. You’ll see a list of your installed extensions. Locate the one you want to kick out and click on it.

find the extensions ninstall button

Look for the “Uninstall” button and give it a good click. Confirm the removal if it asks. Another way is to manage your extensions right from Safari’s preferences.

Go to the “Applications” menu to further remove that related add-on. Click “Show In Finder” from the next popup, and delete the extension.

Go to the Applications and remove unwanted extension

It’s like tidying up your room – a bit of cleaning now and then keeps things running smoothly without any unwanted surprises.


Alright, let’s kick that MyFlixer extension out of your Firefox like a bouncer dealing with an unruly guest. To kick out the pesky malware extension from Firefox, follow these steps:

First, open up Firefox – you know, that cute little fox icon on your desktop. Now, check out the top-right corner – see those three horizontal lines? Click on it.

on firefox tools options select addons and themes

In the menu that pops up, go for the ‘Tools’ option, then slide over to ‘Add-ons and Themes.’ Now, let’s focus on the ‘Extensions’ section. Spot anything MyFlixer-ish?

click on 3 dots and select remove

And there you go, you’ve successfully decluttered your Firefox from MyFlixer nonsense. Now, it’s time to clean your Chrome browser.

select remove button

Cool, click those three dots next to them. Now, hit ‘Delete.’ The browser might ask for confirmation – just nod and click ‘Delete’ again.


First off, launch Chrome – you know, that shiny round icon. Now, navigate through the Chrome menu on the top menu bar, and click “Settings.”

click Settings and choose extensions

In the menu that appears, glide down and then choose ‘Extensions.’ Now, scan the list for anything related to MyFlixer.

remove unwanted extensions

Found it? Great! Click ‘Remove’ next to it. If Chrome has second thoughts and asks for confirmation, tell it, ‘Yes, please remove this sneaky extension.’

There you have it – MyFlixer has officially been evicted from your Chrome.

Step 2: Remove PUPs And Login Items

Sometimes, browsing MyFlixer website can leave some PUPs(potentially unwanted programs)  on your Mac.

You may also spot some surprise guests in your Mac, which may mess up automatically during device startup. – these are unexpected login items.

Let’s tidy up. Here’s the scoop on kicking them out:

First off, launch the Activity Monitor by navigating to Applications > Utilities. Keep an eagle eye out for anything fishy or remotely related to MyFlixer.

launch the Activity Monitor

If you spot any, seize the moment – select it and click that X button. Don’t hesitate to flex the muscle with a Force Quit.

Force Quit

Now, let’s do some tidying in your Applications folder. Delete any apps that look unfamiliar or suspicious. After that, throw them to the Trash – making sure these guests don’t come back.

Go to the Applications and remove unwanted extension

Moving on, hit the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen and venture into System Preferences.

select System Preferences

Navigate to General > Login Items. Now, this is where we scrutinize the guest list.

navigate to Login Items

If there’s anything lingering under “Open at Login” that raises an eyebrow, be decisive – click the minus button and give it the boot.

There you have it, a methodical sweep to remove any PUP elements and login items from your Mac.

Step 3: Preventing MyFlixer From Effecting Mac

Here are some preventive steps you can take to prevent MyFlixer virus from affecting your Mac in the future:

Use A Reliable Antivirus Tool

Get yourself a strong antivirus program. It’s like a superhero for your computer, always on the lookout for bad stuff. Keep it updated to make sure it can tackle the latest threats.

Dodge the Ads During Usage

When you’re on MyFlixer, be careful with ads. Don’t click on them randomly. Some of them might try to trick you into letting in the MyFlixer virus.

Stick To The Trusted MyFlixer Domains

Only go to the official MyFlixer websites, like or There are fake sites pretending to be MyFlixer, but they’re up to no good. They use the familiar name to get you to click on things that can harm your computer.

Think Twice Before Downloading Unknown Files

If you’re downloading something from MyFlixer, double-check that the file name matches what you wanted.

Don’t rush, and don’t download anything that seems fishy. Also, keep an eye on your browser to remove any weird add-ons or extensions that might sneak in.


Can MyFlixer Harm My Computer?

Technically, MyFlixer itself isn’t a virus, but certain mirrors associated with it may host harmful elements like viruses, browser hijackers, and malicious ads.

Does MyFlixer Pose Security Risks?

Yes, visiting MyFlixer involves uncertainty about site ownership and intentions. While some seek profit through advertising, others may aim to steal personal data.

Are All Mac Models Vulnerable to MyFlixer Malware?

Yes, regardless of the Mac model, all are susceptible to malware from MyFlixer. The risk applies universally, exposing any Mac to potential security threats.

Wrapping Up

Stay calm, and don’t panic no matter what. If you’ve been on MyFlixer and just watched without clicking on pop-ups or adding plugins, your Mac is likely safe.

However, it’s best not to go back to the site, and run a full virus scan just to be sure. In the future, be cautious of things that seem too good to be true—freebies often come with a catch.

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