How To Remove Chunckapp From Mac? Top 6 Methods Described

Chunckapp is a browser hijacker and extension that changes the browser’s homepage and redirects you to a specific domain. It may even corrupt applications, folders, and files in Mac devices.

Hence, the real question is how to remove Chunckapp from Mac devices. You must remove unwanted and suspicious malicious extensions from Safari or Chrome browser. Also, you must remove suspicious files and folders you haven’t created on Mac.

You can run a reputable antivirus program to scan your Mac and quarantine and delete all suspicious activity to eliminate Chunckapp redirect adware. We will guide you with these methods to accomplish them appropriately.

What Is Chunckapp For Mac?

Chunckapp is primarily a browser hijacker that will redirect you to a specific website. It will redirect you through “” and set it as the default homepage address. When Chunckapp attacks your browser, it may look like the following image for Google Chrome.

Chunckapp redirecting malware will slow down your browser and even damage the SSD and system of your device.

Concerning PointsDescription
Type of MalwareBrowser hijacker
FunctionsIt often redirects through “”
SymptomsBrowser homepage set to a specific homepage address Your search results will go to a specific domain May pop-up ads in your browser Mac will slow down with unwanted activity and process
Distribution MethodWhen you install free software Downloaded something from untrusted websites Phishing website links and emailsMP3 and Video converters
Effect on MacIt will hijack the browser, inflict folders and may even damage the memory and device system.

How To Remove Chunckapp From Mac?

Chunckapp browser hijacker effectively attacks your default browser. Then, slowly, it spreads and corrupts applications, files and folders. So, you must remove it from the browser first and manually check the suspected files, folders and applications to remove the adware safely.

  • Safeguard your Safari Browser
  • Delete malicious browser extensions and change the homepage
  • Change the default browser of the Mac
  • Uninstall unwanted applications
  • Remove unwanted folders and files
  • Use an antivirus software to quarantine the browser hijacker

As you see, removing Chunckapp’s malicious extension isn’t a straightforward process. So, follow our guidelines to undo it and protect your Mac from malware attacks safely.

Method 1: Safeguard your Safari Browser

Chunckapp primarily enters your Mac through the browser. It happens when you go to any insecure browser, download unsafe content, or click on phishing links. You must delete cache files, history and recent extensions from Safari to eliminate the malware.

Step 1: Go to the Manage Website Data menu

First, open Safari and click the Preference button from the menu bar. There, scroll down to find the Privacy tab. As you expand the privacy tab, you will find the “Manage Website Data” menu. You need to click and confirm it to delete the Safari browser data.

Go to the Manage Website Data menu

Step 2:  Clear all data

Go to the Safari data page by clicking the Manage Website Data menu to show the list of your permitted websites. Also, you will find all your browser data, such as extensions, history, etc., from the data menu.

Clear all safari data

Click and confirm the “Remove All” function to erase the entire data from the Safari browser.

Step 3: Clear your browser history

Open the dialog box “Clear” as you browse through the “Clear History” menu in Mac’s Safari browser. You must find “All History” and the “Clear History” button. As you press and confirm it, you can effectively delete the history of Safari browser since the last time you performed the deletion.

Clear your browser history

Step 4: Clear the browser cache

Clearing Safari browser data and cache isn’t enough to remove Chunckapp redirect malware. It can live inside the browser cache and work from there to redirect your browser. So, you should clear the cache files too.

You must go to the “Advanced” function from the Preference menu in Safari. From there, enable the “Show Develop menu in the menu bar” section.

enable the Show Develop menu in the menu bar

Now, you can click on the “Develop” menu to expand it and click on “Empty Cache” function. From there, click and confirm “Clear Cache.”

Empty Cache in safari develope option

Method 2: Delete malicious browser extension and default homepage

Mostly, malware and adware such as Chunckapp hides itself as a simple browser extension. So, you should carefully check your Safari browser extensions to see any suspicious activity there. If you find any unwanted or corrupted extension, remove it immediately.

Step 1: Change the default homepage address

When Chunckapp redirects malware attacks your browser, it changes your homepage address. This will redirect you to a sponsored or dubious website or IP address. The first thing you should do is to set your browser to the default one.

For this, click and expand the “Preference” menu in Safari and go to the “General” menu from there. You should see the “Homepage” menu as you scroll down.

Change the default homepage address

In the homepage box, type the default homepage address you prefer and click to confirm it.

Step 2: Remove unwanted extensions

After setting the default homepage to your preferred and secure address, expand the extension page from the “Preference” tab again. As you click and expand the extension page, you will see all the Safari extensions in the browser.

Remove unwanted extensions

Check for any dubious or untrusted browser extension and uninstall it safely. Also, close and open Safari again to see that you have uninstalled the suspicious extension safely.

Method 3: Change the default browser of Mac

When Chunckapp malware attacks Safari, you should immediately stop browsing it. So, you must change your default browser to run your online activity safely. In the meantime, you can try erasing the hijacker adware from a Mac device.

Also, even if your Mac is safe, it’s a good idea to change the default browser from Safari to Chrome or Mozilla. To change your default browser, click on the “Preference” menu and select the “General” tab from there. You should see the “Default Web Browser” menu as you expand the general tab.

On Preference menu and select the General tab

There, you will see all the installed browsers, such as the following ones:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari, etc.

Simply click and confirm on the browser that you find convenient. Since it is free from a Chunckapp attack, you can browse it safely.

Change the default browser of Mac

Method 4: Uninstall unwanted applications

Chunckapp primarily attacks the default browser. However, it doesn’t stop there. It will gradually inflict vulnerable applications on Mac devices. This way, the malware will find a safe route to reside in your device for an extended period.

Step 1: Check the Activity Monitor on your device

First, you must check the activity and processes that have been taking place on your Mac device. If you see an unusual hike in the activity, it clearly shows the culprit. So, it’s time you eliminate the malware for good and ensure your safe browsing experience.

For this, choose the “Go” menu from your Mac’s “Finder” option. As you expand and scroll there, select the “Activity Monitor” function from its Utility function.

Check the Activity Monitor on your device

Now, you should see all the activity on Mac and check for anything unusual.

see all the activity on Mac

When you detect any unwanted or malicious activity that is taking too much space, stop it forcefully. For this, click and confirm the “Force Quit” option.

click and confirm the Force Quit

Now, recheck the activity monitor and confirm everything is working fine. It will ensure that you have force-stopped the activity of the Chunckapp malware.

Step 2: Remove unwanted applications

After forcefully stopping suspicious activity, check for any untrusted and malicious applications. You can go to “Applications” from the “Go” or “Finder” menu on your Mac. As you click on the application button, you will see all the installed applications on the screen.

Remove unwanted applications

You should now go through all the listed applications one by one. It will help you quickly find untrusted and malicious applications. It can be an application you have recently installed. So, try to find it and uninstall it safely. Also, restart your Mac after uninstalling the malware-containing application to ensure successful uninstallation. 

Nonetheless, even after uninstalling the malicious applications, they can hide in different folders and files. Therefore, you must delete all possible inflicted files and folders from your Mac.

Method 5: Remove unwanted folders and files

Chunckapp malware often spreads through files and folders to inflict entire devices. It first securely holds a place in the folders and launches automatically whenever you start Mac. It will slow down the device and even forcefully shut down it.

Therefore, you should check all files, folders and items on Mac to see any suspicious activity. As you delete the file, the malware will be deleted forever from your Mac device.

Step 1: Delete unwanted folders

To go to your application folders, type “ ~/Library/Application Support” in the “Go to the Folder” box.

type _Library_Application Support in the Go to the Folder box

As you click it, you can expand the entire application folder and listing. There, check for any folders that have recently been created

Delete unwanted folders from this

Check all the application folders properly to find the ones you don’t recognize. You can quickly recognize these folders because they aren’t properly named. A few examples include the following:


If you find such unrecognizable folders, move them to the trash folder safely. Also, empty the trash folder to stop the app gaining control over your system again.

move them to the bin folder safely

Step 2: Delete Launch Agent items that look suspicious

Many times, Chunckapp might work from the Launch Agent items. When it happens, the malware will be active whenever you start your Mac device. The easiest way to eliminate it is to check your Launch item folders for any wanted folder listing.

For this, write “~/Library/LaunchAgents” in Mac’s “Go to the Folder” to access the home directory. There, you should carefully scroll and check for the malicious and inflicted launch item folder. If you find anything that appears untrusted and unrecognizable, delete it immediately.

Delete Launch Agent items that look suspicious

Nonetheless, you should create and keep a backup in a separate SSD. It will help you reset Mac if you have unknowingly deleted any required launch items.

You can also look for inflicted launch items by typing “/Library/LaunchDaemons” in search bar.

typing _Library_LaunchDaemons in search bar

If you see Chunckapp browser hijacker has inflicted any file, send it to the trash folder, too. Finally, empty the trash folder to eliminate Chunckapp redirect adware successfully.

Method 6: Use Antivirus To Eradicate Chunckapp

Chunckapp is a malicious program, and it will damage your computer faster than you think. Thankfully, you can use antivirus software to eradicate Chunckapp. If you haven’t got antivirus software, you first should install one.

For this purpose, we suggest you to download and install Malwarebytes.

Use Antivirus To Eradicate Chunckapp

Once you are done installing Malwarebytes, update the antivirus software to get the latest antivirus and malware patches. It will download the latest definitions and patches for the malware.

update the antivirus

After that, you should run a complete scanning of your Mac to find anything related to Chunckapp.

run a complete scanning of your Mac

If you find any folder or files linked with Chunckapp, check what type of file it is.

the scan will start

Then, click on it to quarantine it safely. Then, stop the scan and restart your computer. You can then scan your Mac device again to see that you have successfully quarantined the malware.

successfully quarantined the malware

If you’ve encountered similar issues with unwanted browser hijackers like Chunckapp on your Mac, you might also want to learn how to remove Search Marquis. Check out our comprehensive guide on tackling Search Marquis for a complete solution to safeguard your Mac’s browsing experience.


Browser hijackers such as Chunckapp are more dangerous than you think. Hackers may control your Mac through the Chunckapp redirect app and track your website browsing data. So it will hamper your privacy, so you should get rid of Chunckapp ASAP.

The key is to check your browser, its homepage and extensions to detect the attack. Then, delete the history cache and uninstall the browser extensions. You should delete the malicious folder and file and also run a complete scan.

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