How To Mirror Camera On Macbook? [Try These 3 Methods]

Macbook’s built-in camera comes pre-set with options which makes the image look somewhat inverted. If you don’t use your webcam often, this won’t matter to you. But if you use it regularly, it can be bothersome. Fortunately, you can flip or mirror the camera when needed.

Camera mirroring on macbook can be done using the internal settings of the pre installed Photo Booth app. Open the app and go to edit, you need to uncheck “Auto Flip New Items”. This will turn on the mirroring effect on your camera.

So, if you are looking for ways to mirror a camera on a macbook then keep on reading to know more.

What is Camera Mirroring On Macbook?

The technique of horizontally flipping or inverting the live video stream or pictures from your Mac’s built-in camera or an external webcam is known as “camera mirroring” on a MacBook.

What is Camera Mirroring On Macbook

So, when you turn on the mirror view the image will be seen in the same way as you would see yourself in the mirror. For instance when you hold something where text is written in front of the mirror, the text seems flipped.

Thus, the same concept applies when the mirror effect is applied on a macbook camera. However, if you do not turn on mirror mode then the texts won’t be inverted.

Hardware Needed To Mirror A Camera On Macbook

From the introduction of the first Mac till now, they are still one of the finest and most advanced machines out there. MacBooks have camera settings to enhance the camera’s performance, and mirror the camera without needing extra hardware.

As long as your mac has a webcam you can normally achieve mirroring using third party software or internal settings or programs. The only piece of hardware you will need is the webcam itself in case your macbook doesn’t come pre installed with one.

External webcam is also helpful if you want better control over mirroring as they have adjustable settings and provide a better image quality. 

How To Mirror Camera On Macbook?

Camera mirroring can be helpful if you wish to see the real time univerted image of yourself. Also during video calls or conferences you can make it easier for you to coordinate your actions with what other people are expecting to see.

Mirroring can be done using the Photo Booth app or other methods like Zoom and third party software. The process is quite the same with all these methods but the approach is slightly different.

1. Using Photo booth

Photo Booth is the primary application for mac users to take pictures or click videos using the built in webcam in their machine. To simulate staring into a mirror, Photo Booth’s live preview and snap images are horizontally reversed by default.

Mirroring Using Photo booth

Sometimes, by mistake you may have turned off certain settings that can make you end up seeing reversed images.

To fix this, open Photo Booth and at the top you will see “Edit”; select and uncheck both Flip Photo and Auto Flip.

Now whenever you click new pictures or videos with Photo Booth you will see mirror images. You can again recheck these options if you want to have flipped pictures back again.

2. Use a third party software

If you are not satisfied with the results of Photo Booth then you can use third party software to mirror the camera on your macbook. There are many third party softwares available for this, but we will use FineShare Cam.

This software is simple to install and use, offering a variety of features. It’s an AI cam that can enhance your Mac’s internal camera’s video quality and change its orientation, including mirroring, flipping, and reversing.

3. Using Zoom

If you use zoom for video conferences or things like that then you can use this to mirror the camera on your Macbook.

To mirror your video on Zoom while using a MacBook, open the Zoom app, go to preferences, and choose the “Mirror my video” option in the video settings. This will flip your video, so it looks correct to you and others during Zoom meetings.

Using Zoom miror my video

Do keep in mind, this mirror setting won’t be applied to other applications as this is only for internal settings of the Zoom app.

Depending on the program or software you’re using, mirroring settings might not be available. It heavily depends on the internal settings of the App as macbook doesn’t directly come with a camera settings that turns on mirroring for all camera related applications.

So, check the settings in that program to see whether the option is present if you need to mirror your camera for a specific purpose.

How to Optimize Mirroring Camera Performance on Macbook?

If you are not satisfied with the image or video quality after mirroring the camera then these tips below will help you achieve better results.

Free up your RAM

Free up your RAM by clearing unnecessary running applications in the background which ensure that your camera runs smoothly without any lagging providing the best possible outcome.

Position yourself

Make sure that powerful sources of light are not immediately in front of your camera. Reduce glare and undesirable reflections by positioning your setup such that your camera and the main light source are pointed in the same direction.

Get a High resolution camera

If you use a webcam on a regular basis for video conferences and making vlogs and stuff like that then you may need a new camera. The built-in camera may not satisfy in these cases and getting a new camera with more options will enable you to have a better mirroring experience.

Use external GPU

Use an external eGPU supported by your Mac for demanding camera mirroring tasks like high-resolution video creation to improve the camera’s performance.

Problems You May Encounter While Mirroring Camera on Macbook

Even though camera mirroring can easily be executed without any troubles, you still face some problems while doing it.

  • Your movements may have a noticeable lag compared to what you see on the mirrored camera image
  • There can also be low frame rate which can result in laggy performance of your camera.
  • Sometimes, due to temporary software errors, mirroring will introduce interruptions or visual distortions into the video broadcast.
  • Not all camera based software may support mirrored camera options.
  • Running many camera-accessing programs at once can lead to problems and errors.

Tips For Ensuring A Smooth Mirroring Experience On Macbook

Nothing can be more annoying than your macbook camera causing troubles during emergency calls or streaming. So, our tips below will help you ensure a smooth camera mirroring experience.

  • Always keep your camera app and MacOS updated with the latest firmware.
  • You can restart your macbook if you notice a sudden performance lag while camera mirroring.
  • If your MacBook gets too hot during extended camera usage you should stop using your macbook for sometime till it cools down
  • If you are using a camera on your macbook for video calls then make sure the internet connection is stable.

If you’re interested in learning more about editing and removing markup from photos on your Mac, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on “How To Remove Markup From Photo Sent To Me?”.

Frequently Asked Question

Mirroring a macbook camera is not a straightforward process so if you still have some questions then read our FAQs below to clear all these confusions.

Why do I need to mirror my macbook camera for video presentations?

When making video calls or doing live streaming, mirroring the camera can improve the user experience. Because of this, the mirroring effect makes sure that text and objects on the screen are correctly positioned which makes them easier to read just like they would be in a mirror or in real life.

Can I mirror the camera on my Macbook for all apps?

Camera mirroring heavily depends on the applications you will be using; if the application supports mirroring then you can do it easily. However, there is no built-in feature on the iPhone to mirror the camera permanently for all the applications that use the camera.

Is mirroring the camera the same as flipping it?

Mirroring the camera on a macbook and flipping it are not the same. Mirroring a camera means it creates a horizontally inverted picture that makes the left side look as the right side and vice versa is created. Whereas, flipping the camera involves both horizontal and vertical flips, which changes the picture along many axes.

Final Words

Mirroring the camera can give you a feel of comfort or familiarity with your own image as you would see it in a mirror. So, sometimes this can become quite useful.

And it is easily possible to achieve the desired camera orientation on your MacBook by exploring different tools and settings. But do keep in mind if you are trying to show some writings through a mirror image, the letters will be flipped which can make it hard for other people on the call to read.

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