How to Fix White Spot Macbook Screen?

Are you facing a frustrating issue with your MacBook’s display? The presence of “white spot” on your screen can be a real annoyance, disrupting your work and diminishing your overall user experience.

Fixing a white spot on a MacBook screen depends on the cause. For stuck pixels, try gentle rubbing or software. Backlight issues require professional repair. Dead pixels are typically unfixable. Check warranty for free repair.

If you are recently noticing these dead pixels, well not to worry as it can be fixed. Keep on reading to know more.

What Are The Type Of White Spot On Macbook Screen?

Based on the type of white spots on your Mac screen, the fixes vary. Therefore knowing the different spots is crucial before attempting any fix.

Dead Pixel

Dead pixels are one of the most commonly seen spots on a macbook screen. These types of spots are constantly dark and never illuminate due to the transistor powering it failing to produce power. They can be either black or white.


Stuck Pixels

Stuck pixels usually maintain a constant color like black, red, blue with white being the common.  They neither change or show the right color and remain stuck and typically occur as a result of a software problem.

Stuck Pixels on mackbook screen

Backlight Bleeding

This problem occurs when the LCD panel’s irregular backlighting leads light to “bleed” across the screen’s borders or corners, producing white spots or patches. It becomes more apparent when you play a content that is darker on the screen.

Mackbook screen Backlight Bleeding

What Causes White Spot On Macbook Screen?

Macbook screens are quite reliable but due to some internal and external issues, white spots can occur. Keep on reading to know more.

Pressure on the screen

Excessive pressure is one of the key reasons for white spots on the Macbook screen. So, if too much stress was put onto the screen due to falling or something like that then you are likely to see these spots.

Pressure on mackbook screen

The sensitive LCD display on the laptop is susceptible to damage when it collides with a hard surface or experiences a strong impact. Moreover, on the screen, cracks can appear anywhere, and they may spread or intersect at the place of impact.

Sometimes, the macbook screen may break down due to excessive pressure but often the screen stays normal but you will start to notice these spots. This is a result of the stress of impact which causes pressure points inside the structure of the screen.

Factory defect

There is also a possibility you received a macbook with faulty display that already had white spots by default. These can be the result of manufacturing faults like stuck or dead pixels, errors in the production of LCD panels, layer misalignment and connection problems.

But, if you notice these issues and your laptop falls under warranty then you can get it repaired or replaced for free. Unfortunately these issues are not prevalent right at the beginning and they start to appear after a few months or even years.

Backlight problems

You can also notice these spots due to backlight bleeding which is caused by problems with the backlight. Your macbook screen is lit because of the LED reflectors but sometimes these reflectors can become detached or move.

mac Backlight problems

These unusual movements of the LED can cause your Macbook screen to display white patches when this happens.

The backlight assembly’s issues can also be the result of manufacturing flaws or uneven illumination or problems with the backlight’s diffusion.

Software and Drive issues

Software bugs can also be a potential reason for having spots on your macbook screen. These occur due to temporary software glitches which go away by itself. Additionally, there can be problems with the graphics driver which can also lead to problems with the screen.

Is It Possible To Fix White Spot On Macbook Screen?

It is possible to fix these spots, but it depends on the severity of the damage. Keep on reading to know more.

If the pixels are dead

Keep in mind too much pressure or stress can lead to dead pixels on a macbook screen. Unfortunately dead pixels cannot be fixed in any way.

If the spots on the screen are small and don’t bother you much, you can continue using it as usual. But if the spots really bother you, your only choice might be to replace the whole screen.

You can also use this Dead Pixel Test to make sure whether the patches are dead pixels or something else.

But if you are sure the white spot is not due to pressure or stress, you can try on the fixes below,

Restart your Mac

Before going for any other fixes, you can try restarting your Mac; restarting the mac often fixes temporary glitches which can help the white spots go away.

Restart your Mac

To restart your mac, go to Apple Menu; select restart and wait for the mac screen to become completely black. After a few seconds the Apple logo will pop up again and now check whether the white spots are still on it or not.

Software and driver update your Macbook

If you still notice spots after restarting your Macbook, then look if there are any software updates available.

Download your Software Update

Go to Apple menu; system preferences and search for “Software Update”. You can check here If there is any update available; simply download and install it. Hopefully the issue will be fixed.

Go to Apple menu; system preferences and search for Software Update

Fix Stuck Pixel

Stuck Pixels fail to change to different colors and remain stuck in a single color like red, green, or blue. Luckily stuck pixels are less deadly than dead pixels and you can fix it following a few different approaches.

At first take a soft cloth and spray some screen cleaner on the monitor and very gently rub the cloth around white spot; do not put too much pressure, do it very gently.

Fix Stuck Pixel on mac

However, keep in mind to use only screen cleaners that are suitable for the macbook screen; using random screen cleaners can damage the screen further.

Try to do it for a few minutes and if you are lucky, the pixels should go away.

There are many software for removing stuck pixels and you can use it to fix stuck pixels on your Macbook screen. This softwares attempts to “unstick” or “revive” a stuck pixel by swiftly cycling through a series of colors or patterns on your screen.

Check for any physical problems

The last thing you should check is whether or not your graphics card is working properly. If your graphics card is not working properly, then you will need to replace it to fix white spot issue.

Additionally, check for any backlighting LED issues. It is difficult to fix backlighting LED issues by yourself. Therefore visiting a service center is the best option.

They should be able to fix that for you which will cost much less than replacing the entire screen.

What Should You Do If No Fixes Work For White Spot On Macbook Screen?

If you are unable to fix these spots even after trying all these fixes then you must be prepared to spend some money.

You might get lucky if your Macbook is still under warranty. Apple Customer Care can accurately identify the problem and provide advice about whether it is eligible for warranty-covered repairs or replacement. So, you can get the repair done for free.

But if you are using the laptop for more than one year then it no longer falls under warranty. So, you will need to get the replacement done by spending money from your own pocket. 

Tips And Tricks To Prevent White Spots on Macbook Screen

Proper maintenance can help you keep your macbook screen working properly and prevent white spots from falling into it. So, our tips and tricks below will help you with the appropriate upkeep of the screen.

  • While cleaning the screen, avoid putting too much pressure on the screen and always use a soft towel.
  • Try to use a protective case on your Macbook if you have a bad habit of dropping your laptop often.
  • Consider using a screen protector on your Macbook screen to prevent any accidental smudges and daily physical damages.
  • Always make sure to place your laptop in a safe place when not in use.
  • Make sure to use a protective carrying bag when carrying your laptop.


Dead or stuck pixels can be quite annoying to work with but they are fixable in most cases. If you are still having some queries regarding white spots on Macbook screen then read our FAQs below to clear all your confusions.

Why are there light spots on my Macbook screen?

The existence of pixel abnormalities can be indicated by strange bright or dark areas on your flat-panel or Macbook screen. Furthermore, if you see a lot of these spots on your screen, you should contact Apple or an authorized service provider for advice and a possible fix.

How long does it take to repair white spots on my Macbook screen?

The total repair time of your Macbook screen depends on the degree of damage. Technically speaking, if the white spots on your Macbook screen are due to software issues then it can take a few hours. However, if it’s due to hardware issues then the repair can take a few days depending on the availability of parts.

Will Apple repair white spots on my Macbook screen for free?

Macbook comes with a 1 year Apple limited warranty and there are various advantages of this warranty. Under this warranty, Apple will repair or replace your Macbook for free when you notice white spots on the screen. However, if the warranty period is over you will need to pay for the parts and service charge.

FInal Words

Dead pixels can prevent you from enjoying the contents or working properly due to this. By properly maintaining your macbook you can prevent these white or dark spots.

The screen is the most sensitive component on your laptop so it is important you do not put any stress or pressure on it. Also if you notice any spots, do not panic and follow all these troubleshooting methods.

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