Can You Play iMessage Games on MacBook (With Alternatives)

Playing games on iMessage with your friend is fun. But, can you play iMessage games on MacBook as you’d continue with usual text messages? Turns out, playing games on iMessage requires installing 3rd party installation like game pigeon, don’t work for Mac!

For that reason, you can’t play iMessage games on your Macbook. But does that mean you should quit gaming on Mac? Not necessarily! There are alternatives!

In this guide, we’ll explain the reasons why iMessage games don’t work on Macs. We’ll also discuss how you can play games on Mac.

Let’s get this going.

Can You Play iMessage Games on MacBook (Why Not?)

In a normal day with your iPhone, you can’t play iMessage games straight out the box. You need to install a 4rd party app to enable the feature on your iPhone. Third party tools like Game Pigeon can help you with its amazing features to play with your friends while texting.

play imessage games on macbook

Unfortunately, you can’t play the iMessage games on MacBook. The iMessage system is only developed for iOS to use on iPhones and iPads.

And iOS is build differently to MacOS. So with 3rd party app that doesn’t sync with the Apple ecosystem, you can’t continue using an iPhone app on your MacBook, or MacBook Pro.

iMessage Games Vs MacBook

The fact that you can’t play iMessage games on MacBook can cut the fun short. But, there are some valid reasons to that too. Here’s what you should know about it:

iMessage Games

iMessage games aren’t like usual online games. They are built to be a fun option for iPhones and iPad users.

play iMessage games within text conversations
  • You can easily access and play iMessage games within text conversations.
  • You can enjoy convenient and fun engagement with contacts using iPhones and iPads.
  • You can get a sports-themed gaming experience while talking to somebody.
  • Expand your gaming horizons with captivating puzzles and word challenges.

iMessage On MacBook

As part of the Apple ecosystem, you can enjoy iMessage on your Mac. But, it’s not 100% the same as iPhone and iPad.

Let’s know the same and different functionalities of iMessage On MacBook.

The same functionality

  • You can send & receive text messages, photos, and videos.
  • Seamless messaging means you can continue a conversation from iPhone to Mac.

The different functionality

  • The major difference is playing iMessage games on Mac.
  • iMessage games are available on iOS. You can play iMessage games on iPhone and iPad, but not on your MacBook.

Why Can’t You Play iMessage Games on MacBook (The Limitations)

There are 3 layers of barriers that prevent iMessage gaming on the MacBook. Such as

User Interface Challenges

  • iMessage games are optimized for touch controls on iPhones and iPads. So you’ll face hurdles adapting the games to your MacBook’s mouse or trackpad input.
  • The tactile nature of iMessage games may not seamlessly translate to your non-touch MacBook interface.
User Interface Challenges

Platform Differences

  • iMessage games are tailored for the iOS architecture. So it is encountering disparities in how macOS manages apps and services.
  • Differences in underlying frameworks lead to compatibility issues.
  • Variances in system resources and capabilities contribute to the divide.

Developer Perspective

  • The developers prioritize the larger iOS market and give a lower focus on adapting games for the MacBook environment.
  • Resource allocation considerations play a role in determining platform priorities.
  • A potential lack of incentives or demand for macOS adaptations influenced development decisions.

Are There Any Alternative Ways to Enjoy Games on MacBooks?

You love to play the iMessage games on your iPhone but can’t continue that on Mac. That doesn’t mean you can’t play similar games on Mac!

There are alternative ways you can enjoy games on your MacBook. Let’s see them real quick:

Mac App Store

Mac App Store’s  is the treasure trove of extensive game selection. Just go to the Mac App Store→Select your favorite game→Download it on your Mac→Play whenever and wherever you want.

Online Gaming Platforms

Steam and Origin are two popular gaming platforms. You can visit the sites and play games that are compatible with your Mac.


Are you tech-savvy? If yes, you can explore emulators which is an option to run iOS apps on macOS. But, there’s a catch. It is a bit complex with some perks. It’s a way around to run Android games or apps on Mac!

Having trouble with iMessages not syncing across your Apple devices? Learn more about resolving this issue and enhancing your messaging experience by checking out our guide on troubleshooting iMessage syncing problems.


Apple doesn’t offer the iMessage gaming benefits natively and that sucks, we know. So you can’t play iMessage games on your MacBook. But now that you’ve uncovered diverse alternatives, don’t miss the chance to enjoy gaming on your Mac!

If you’re into multiplayer games, jump into a platform like steam and invite your friends for some immersive gaming experience!

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